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Columbia University · New York City · doerlbh@

I am a neuroscientist and machine learning researcher studying computational neuroscience and systems biology in the Zuckerman Mind Brain Behavior Institute at Columbia University. Academically, I create neuroscience-inspired AI systems and apply ML to understand human brains (Neuro ↔ AI) in their healthy and abnormal states. Industrially, I develop large scale ML systems to model complex biological and cognitive systems, in applications such as healthcare, user modeling, computational phenotyping, time series analysis and speech recognition.

Before my PhD study at Columbia University, I graduated from the University of Washington, Seattle (UW), as part of the NIH-funded Computational Neuroscience Training Program, with a B.S. in Applied & Computational Mathematics, a B.A. in Psychology with Honors and an M.S. in Applied Mathematics. I still maintain close collaborations and affliations with Columbia Department of Systems Biology and UW Department of Applied Mathematics.

In the long term, I believe in the power of technology to progress the everchanging social norms and solve critical socioeconomic challenges in the world. Feel free to reach out for academic, industrial and humanitarian collaborations.

I am into:






How to best visualize high-dimensional dynamic data? How to generate creative design computationally given simple aesthetic prior? How to model human creativity? How to generate creative processes with state-space language?

Here are my [ CV ] and [ Google Scholar ]. Visit me at .


I am very grateful to have mentors and collaborators with whom I have the honor to work on various interesting problems spanning neuroscience (NS), machine learning (ML), computer vision (CV), geometrical/topological inference (GT), systems biology/genomics (SB), speech processing (SP), applied mathematics (AM), human-computer interaction (HCI), information theory (IT), and translational medicine/psychiatry (TM).



I am always curious about the world and I like exploring new things.  

Although New York is not like Seattle with all the Nature, I try to maintain my hobbies in skateboarding and longbaording (well, kayaking is obviously not gonna happen here easily). Beyond my footsteps, I enjoy traveling to different places (so far only 3 continents reached) - I am planning a roadtrip across Northern Europe some time next year.

Despite doing mostly theoretical research in recent days, I love making tangible things:  

woodworking, DIY, electronics and interior design. A recent woodwork project of mine is a modern sofa ( process). As another project under development, I am creating tangible representations of high-dimensional interaction data (more details yet to come).

I draw comics and illustrations every now and then -- feel free to check out at baihan_comics.  

Other than these life bits, I play flute regularly and am currently learning Jazz and guitar, well, at least while my neighbors and my cats can still bear it. ;)

More bits of life can be found here .