Life is a journey

Always on my way~  

Cites I have been to: [ China ] Shenzhen, Nanjing, Beijing, Hong Kong, Zhanjiang, Zhuhai, Suzhou, Wuxi, Wuhan, Macau; [ USA ] San Francisco, Sacramento, Mountainview, Santa Clara, Davis, Seattle, Bellevue, Boston, New York, Providence, Newport, Winthrop, New Haven, Chicago, Houston, Durham, Pittsburg, Berkeley, Tacoma, Olympia, Los Angeles, Yorktown, Beacon, Jersey City, Paramus, Miami, Key West, San Diego, Newark, Wilmington, Hershey, Philadelphia, Fairbanks, North Pole, Hawaii; [ Germany ] Frankfurt, Bonn, Munich, Heidelberg, Berlin; [ Czech ] Prague; [ Austria ] Vienna, Salzburg; [ Switzerland ] Zurich, Lucerne, Basel, Geneva, Bern, Lausanne, Jungfrau, Interlaken; [ Canada ] Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec City, Toronto, Blue Moutain, Vancouver; [ France ] St. Louis, Paris; [ Mexico ] Tijuana...

🎓 #Neurobiology #ClassOf2016 (2016)
Reminds me of cellular lineage tracing~ (2017)
river is dangerous: why are we kayaking? (2014)
Christmassy Jupiter (2018)
starbucks night (2017)
hosting Dr. Barabasi (2019)
Rattlesnake Ridge Hiking! (2016)
step in a style, NYC (2015)
a busy PhD interview season (2017)
hello from IJCAI in Macau (2019)
my grandparents at my UW Psych graduation (2017)
Getting lumber in NYC (2018)
dawn from my window (2014)
Xmas Neptune (2018)
me at four? (1999?)
Lab safety 🌝 (2015)
on top of SF (2017)
a nice lake near NYC (2017)
Midnight ride! Longboard buddies (2016)
at MoMA #21stbirthday (2016)
Happy anniversary, my darling~ ❤️ (2017)
electronics can be lovely as well (2015)
Seattle Art Museum has a giant neuron! (2017)
BL13_3.pdb, one of my designed proteins! (2016)
Neptune & Jupiter taking naps (2018)
Collections in UCSF 😉 (2017)
UW #ClassOf2017 (2017)
my DIY sofa (2018)
Seattle in my eyes (2013)
bits of drama every day~ (2017)
icecold Quebec (2018)
(Rain + Wind) x ambiguity = Rainbow^2 🌈 (2016)
first kayaking in my life (2013)
long time no hike (2017)
Trip to ancient gardens with my grandma in Suzhou (2010)
Elm Hall Committee~ (2013)
"Dr. Lin (?)" learned a lot @ Nanjing Brain Hospital (2013)
Way to go and happy new year! (2016)
a rare sunny day in Seattle (2015)
ISMB at Basel (2019)
my first badge~ (2013)
Every now and forever spinning with you~ ❤️ #1stValentine (2016)
with my mom at UW Graduation (2017)
real papers we made at Basel papermill (2019)
paradise in SF (2017)
some woodwork for my DIY sofa (2018)
with my family in Yuejianglou (2011)
a romantic story in Florida (2018)
NeuroFutures Conference (2014)
Smooth Suz (2015)
my first package from home (2014)

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